Our Approach to Sustainability

Since 2015, we have been steadily building on improving our sustainability into the core of our operations. As such, we endeavour to strive our efforts, focusing on better management of the economic, environmental and social aspects of our operations, which inevitably impact our stakeholders.

Our approach to sustainability lies in our commitment to act ethically, and contribute to economic development and growth as follows:

  • Develop our businesses responsibly with focus on innovation, operational excellence and customer centricity.

  • Maintain a rigorous approach to best practices, especially in employee welfare.

  • Being proactive in environment preservation efforts.

  • Reaching out and positively impact the communities where we serve.

Our Sustainability Policy

Introduced in 2015, Prestariang’s Sustainability Policy is based on a platform of five principles. which are related to Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) areas. Sustainable management has always been central in our business and we have been taking definitive steps to further improve our performance in the aspects of ESG. We endeavour to adopt better sustainability practices as part of our operating DNA to meet our targeted goals and key performance indicators (KPIs).



Effectively communicating our sustainable business to employees, customers, distributors and other stakeholders on our commitment in promoting good sustainability practices.



  • To support stakeholder value creation as key to sustainability;

  • To promote and adopt the best Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) practices and to continuously integrate sustainable practices into our management culture, working environment and business process; an

  • To embrace accountability and transparency as the foundation for business performance.

PRINCIPLE 1: Sustainable Lifelong Learning Environment

Develop talent through technology. Drive IT compliance through the management and distribution of original software while making software licences affordable.

PRINCIPLE 2: Stakeholder Engagement & Disclosures

Support stakeholder value creation as key to sustainability with continuous efforts to build professional relationships with our employees,

Government authorities and agencies, the media, fund managers & analysts, and the public at large via planned and targeted programs and activities.

PRINCIPLE 3: Commitment to Corporate Responsibilities

Safeguard human rights within our sphere of influence and contribute to community needs.

PRINCIPLE 4: Engaging Workplace 

Create an engaging and supportive work culture, provide for a knowledge

based organisation while supporting diversity across the workplace and the Boardroom.

PRINCIPLE 5: Governance to Drive Compliance & Best Practices

Observe and comply with all relevant legislations, regulations and codes

of practice while integrating sustainability into the operations through implementing transparent, effective, ethical and sustainable processes across the business supply chain.

Governance Structure for Sustainability

Since 2015, we have established a Sustainability Committee to represent and assist the Board to meet its oversight responsibilities in relation to the Company’s sustainability policy, goals and practices. Each committee member has defined roles and responsibilities to promote and coordinate the development and implemention of sustainability initiatives across all areas of our organisation.

The Board of Directors governs the sustainability initiatives of the Group. Matters and issues which arise are presented and discussed at Board Meetings to deliberate and decide on the Group’s sustainability direction and action plans. Meanwhile, the KPIs and accountability for sustainability performance are executed by the Working Committee which is headed by the President/Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO).

The functions of the Working Committee, among others, are to:

  • Review, update and make recommendations on the Sustainability

  • Policy for the approval of the Board;

  • Plan and recommend ESG activities/actions for the approval of the

  • Board;

  • Execute the approved ESG activities/actions;

  • Review the adopted Sustainability Policy from time to time and approve

  • activities on a regular basis; and

  • Ensure the Board receives sufficient and appropriate information for

  • reviews and decision-making.

The roles of the Secretariat are to:

  • Assist the Working Committee in its administrative activities;

  • Coordinate and compile the activity reports generated by members for

  • the purpose of deliberation at Management and Board levels;

  • Follow up on Board approved activities/actions for the purpose of

  • reporting to the Board; and

  • Monitor and report the consolidated sustainability activities/actions to

  • the Board.


Measurement and Tracking Mechanism 
During the year in review, the Working Committee compared the targets against actual progress which were based on the measurable objectives. The Working Committee may from time to time propose for improvements for the Boards’ approval to align and organise various aspects of sustainability. The Working Committee also established a tracking mechanism to indicate our progress for each calendar year.


Engaging Stakeholders on Sustainability 

Stakeholder engagement has been arguably the most important ingredients of successful project delivery, businesses and value creation as people will only respond if there are engaged. By understanding expectations and responding to concerns, it allows Prestariang to nurture stakeholders' trust in us and with us.

Below are our key stakeholder groups together with an overview of our engagement activities on our present sustainability performance, as well as the issues and challenges discussed in order to Prestariang and stakeholders can benefit together in this holistic ecosystem.




Shareholders, Investors, Fund Managers and


  • Annual General Meeting

  • Extraordinary General Meeting

  • Quarterly Analyst Briefing

  • Investor Relations Activities/Events

  • Networking Sessions

  • Tele-conferences

  • Website

  • Financial Performance

  • Updates on Business Performance

  • Creating Shareholders’ Value

  • Sustainable Future Business


  • Employee Engagement Surveys

  • Townhall Sessions

  • Recreational Events

  • Social & Volunteer Programs

  • Training Programs

  • Career Development

  • Employee Benefits

  • Health & Safety Policy

  • Engagement Events


  • Periodic Project Meetings and Site Visits

  • Joint Business Planning

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Roadshows, Events and Activities

  • Sustainable ways of sharing of information

  • Promotional/Loyalty Programs

  • Sustainable Customer Service

  • Quality Service Delivery

  • Joint Value Creation initiatives

  • Two–Way Offline and Online Communication Channels

Industry Groups, Academic Institutions and Strategic Partners

  • Periodic Meetings

  • Partnering on Roadshows, Events and Activities

  • Joint Business Creation

  • Areas of collaborations

  • Joint Value Creation initiatives

  • Ongoing Dialogues


  • Projects

  • Competitions

  • Websites

  • Social Media Platform

  • Roadshows, Events and Activities

  • Customer Service Engagement

  • Student Experience Centres

  • Training Programs

  • Promotional/Loyalty Programs

  • Sustainable Customer Service

  • Quality Service Delivery

  • Two-Way Offline and Online Communication Channels

  • Programs and initiatives in collaboration with industry partners for students’ clubs/associations

Local Communities

and NGOs

  • Community Engagement through Social Activities

  • Community Care and Support

  • Life-improving Programs

  • Corporate Citizenship and Good Governance

  • Social Benefits for Communities


  • Strategic Partnership Programs

  • Requests for Proposals

  • Supplier and Procurement Management System

  • Clear Procurement Policies and Practices

  • Two–Way Offline and Online Communication Channels

Government Agencies

  • Periodic Meetings

  • On-site Inspections

  • Correspondence on Regulations

  • Compliance and Regulations

  • Policy aligned with areas of national interest including

  • initiatives, innovation and nation building

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