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Sustainable Lifelong Learning Environment

Develop Agile Talent Pool through Technology

Prestariang firmly believed and is focused on our vision to develop local talents for the global market, which is underpinned by our mission that is to enhance human potential through sustainable lifelong learning. Our objective is about building the skills of employees, the community and the government to support the nation's progress using the latest technology in delivering benchmarked skillset talents for employability.


As to date, over a quarter million professionals have benefited from our programs which make us the largest ICT Training and Certification provider in Malaysia. We offer over 60 globally recognised certification courses nationwide via partnership with leading IT-related entities such as Microsoft, Autodesk, IBM, Oracle, CompTIA, EC-Council, Certiport, Prometric, Pearsonvue, Global Knowledge, Quilt Wellington Redwood and Imperial College of London and that of the Prestariang's home-grown certifications including IC CITIZEN, Proficiency in Enterprise Communication (PEC) and SMARTGREEN Fundamentals.


The latest ICT programs tapped are focused on three (3) main areas which are BDA (Big Data Analytics), Security and Coding. All programs are continuously reviewed and updated to ensure its relevancy.


In addition to our well managed programs, Prestariang are also offer trainings that are to upskill and reskill talent that are benchmarked against international standards to equip the workforce with the right knowledge, skills and attitudes to increase talent employability and thrive in a globalised economy. This also include our offers for Malaysian Skills Certificate (Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia or SKM) programs issued by the Government of Malaysia implemented based on the National Occupational Skills Standard (NOSS) which are established by the Department of Skills Development (DSD) under the purview of the Ministry of Human Resources.


Beyond academic, we also provide soft-skills training to the participants as value-added services to the programs offered. Effective verbal and written communication, preparations for job interviews, time management and grooming are some of the elements cascaded to the participants for a balanced, well-rounded education.

Making IT Compliance essential through Software and Certification

In the effort to drive IT compliance, Prestariang has invested in R&D over the years and developed home-grown certifications, namely IC CITIZEN for the global market which is designed to produce digitally literate and responsible citizens.


This unique yet universal certification programme aims to impart Acceptable Usage Policy (AU P) that lays down rules of acceptable 'netiquette' or behaviour that should be applied when operating digital devices and using the internet. It is the world's first certification that promotes appropriate use of technology.


In addition, we also encourage compliance by providing Microsoft software under the Microsoft Licensing Agreement (MLA 2.0) to all Government Agencies in Malaysia and also to our customers in the private sector. To date, Prestariang has distributed and managed over 5.5 million software licenses.


Environmental Awareness Training & Certification

To support the sustainability initiative towards the environment, Prestariang has developed SMARTGREEN Fundamentals training and certification program that introduces emerging Green IT principles. SMARTGREEN increases awareness of the need for energy conservation to address the environmental impact of businesses and ICT operations. Candidates will be equipped with the necessary knowledge to assess, redesign and remodel their systems and practices. The key objective is to preserve the environment and natural resources, and minimise negative effects of human activities.


Prestariang is a Technology and Talent Pioneer that has evolved from being Malaysia’s largest ICT software and training service provider to a leading Technology and Talent Services Platform Innovator.


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