At Prestariang, we believe that corporate and organisational success is justified and truly honoured when a holistic ecosystem is built around the aspirations of the Company and the people, clients, community and vendors, as well as all other stakeholders such as investors, the Government and the larger community that we serve.

Stakeholder engagement has been arguably the most important ingredients of successful project delivery, businesses and value creation as people will only respond if there are engaged. By understanding expectations and responding to concerns, it allows Prestariang to nurture stakeholders' trust in us and with us. 

Below are our key stakeholder groups together with an overview of our engagement activities on our present sustainability performance, as well as the issues and challenges discussed in order to Prestariang and stakeholders can benefit together in this holistic ecosystem. 

Stakeholder Engagement 

Shareholders, Investors, 
Fund Managers and Analyst 

Engaging Method

  • Annual general meeting

  • Extraordinary general meeting

  • Quarterly Analyst Briefing

  • Investor relations activities/events

  • Group meetings

  • Tele-conference

  • Website


Sustainability Concerns Discussed

  • Financial Performance

  • Update on Business Performance

  • Creating shareholders' value

  • Sustainable future businesses



Engaging Method

  • Employee Engagement Survey

  • Townhall Sessions

  • Recreational Events

  • Social / Volunteer Programmes

  • Trainings


Sustainability Concerns Discussed

  • Career Development

  • Employee Benefits

  • Health & Safety Policy

  • Sustainability Events

Clients / Customers


Engaging Method

  • Periodic Project Meetings and Visits

  • Joint Business Planning

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Roadshows, Event and Activities


Sustainability Concerns Discussed

  • Sustainable ways of sharing of information

  • Promotional / Loyalty offers

  • Sustainable Customer Service

  • Quality Service Delivery

  • Joint Value Creation initiatives

  • Two – Way Offline and Online Communication Channels

Ongoing dialogue 

Engaging Method

  • Periodic Meetings

  • Partnering on Roadshow, Roadshows, Event and Activities

  • Joint Business Creation


Sustainability Concerns Discussed

  • Industry collaborations,

  • joint value creation initiatives,

  • ongoing dialogue,

  • Sustainable policy engagement activities.


Engaging Method

  • Projects

  • Competitions

  • Websites

  • Social Media Platform

  • Customer Service Engagement

  • Student Experience Centres

  • Trainings


Sustainability Concerns Discussed

  • Promotional / Loyalty offers

  • Sustainable Customer Service

  • Quality Service Delivery

  • Two Way Offline and Online Communication Channels

  • Sustainable joint value initiatives/ clubs / association

Local Communities and NGOs 


Engaging Method

  • Community Engagement through social activities


Sustainability Concerns Discussed

  • Community Care and Support

  • Life-improving programmes

  • Corporate citizenship and good governance

  • Social benefit for the communities

Government Agencies 


Engaging Method

  • Periodic meetings

  • On-site inspections

  • Correspondence on regulations


Sustainability Concerns Discussed

  • Compliance and Regulations

  • Policy aligned with areas of national interest including initiatives, innovation and nation building

Vendor / Suppliers 

Engaging Method

  • Strategic Partnership Program

  • Quotation Request


Sustainability Concerns Discussed

  • Supplier and Procurement Management System

  • Clear procurement policies and practices

  • Two – Way Offline and Online Communication Channels

Prestariang is a Technology and Talent Pioneer that has evolved from being Malaysia’s largest ICT software and training service provider to a leading Technology and Talent Services Platform Innovator.


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