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A Culture of Environment Conservation

Progressing into Green ICT

Prestariang subscribes to the concept of 'Green ICT' and its twin objectives of leveraging on ICT to conserve natural resources (Green by IT) and reducing the impact of ICT on the environment (Green of IT). As we reinvent ourselves to leverage on our niche offerings in Technology & Talent for the ICT industry, we are aware of the need to create tangible solutions to decrease our footprint by utilising technology to adopt environmentally sound practices.


We believe that through our responsible actions, we can help mitigate climate change through sustainable management.


On a broad concept of sustainability innovation we encourage the following practices within the organisation and among our stakeholders:

  • Promote the use of energy efficient chips and disk drives mainly to our personnel and customer base.

  • Replacing personal computers with cloud computing in combination with mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.

  • Reducing the energy consumption of data centres by relocating data onto various cloud-services.

  • Using renewable energy sources to power data centres.

  • Incorporation of eco-friendly furniture and building materials made of recycled products.

  • Energy efficient mechanical and electrical systems to achieve optimal efficiency.

  • Making use of natural light, automated energy-efficient cooling system and other office equipment.



As Prestariang employees, we advocate several changes to the ways we use computers and manage our workplace environment to significantly decrease energy consumption. These include:

  • Enabling power management features: Programming computers to automatically power down to energy saving state when not in use (sleep mode).

  • Smart technology and mobile apps for controlling lighting and cooling systems in the office premise are on trial for eventual implementation. Turning off computers, lighting and cooling systems when not in use.

  • Promoting and encouraging employee buy-in for green computing efforts.

  • Promoting telecommuting and remote computer administration to reduce transportation emissions.

  • Recycling bins are placed in the compound of our office premise as an alternative to conventional waste disposal. Employees and cleaners are encouraged to sort materials before disposing to help lower greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Conduct environmentally conscious and paperless meetings.


This culture embodies the company's commitment to address the issue of energy use and has been effective in reducing the use of energy.


Prestariang now begins to apply gradual requirements to current and new vendors to address environmental friendly and energy efficient to Prestariang. By embracing Green IT practices, the transparency and accuracy of information collated will significantly improve in order to reduce our environmental impact.

Prestariang is a Technology and Talent Pioneer that has evolved from being Malaysia’s largest ICT software and training service provider to a leading Technology and Talent Services Platform Innovator.


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