Our Sustainable Commitment


To address the issue of energy and water use, and to effectively reduce our carbon footprint to achieve our aim of creating a lifelong learning environment

Energy Use

Our consumption of power has been growing over the past three years as a result of business growth and the nature of our business and the increase of employee of 5%. ICT operations consumed more power than other activities, particularly in data management and server operations. With this in mind, we are applying the new sustainable practices with a hope of better energy efficiency for the year 2017. 

The total energy use covers ten (10) units of building from 70-73 Neocyber in Cyberjaya, with an average of 1804 sq.ft. per building. Further details of the building properties can be found in the latest Annual Report.

Water Use

We have made significant headway in our efforts to reduce water consumption. The amount of water consumed was even lower than 2014 (575 m3) despite the increase in the number of employees and extension of work spaces. We will continue to encourage the efficient use of water among our personnel while also discourage wasteful practices.


Rainwater harvesting is another cost savings initiative which was introduced at our office premise. Collected water is used for non-potable purposes such as washing the corridors, grounds maintenance, irrigation drains and watering plants.

Carbon Footprint @ Work

Prestariang also have instilled several measures to further reduce our carbon footprint. A prime motivator to reduce carbon emissions is to save costs through energy-saving steps, reduce use of consumable products, rationalising office automation, like paper supply, and champion the "Reduce, Reuse & Recycle" in our organisation.


Since 2014, our Annual Reports are mainly distributed in CD-ROM format with only nominal copies being printed.


Employees are encouraged to use digital touchscreen devices and tools during meetings. Sharing of information, emails, reports and other correspondences are shared electronically which can be reviewed on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. We also advocate the use of smartphone apps that capture the content of paper files and turn them into digital files, and secured e-signing tools. Video or voice conferencing are encouraged for meetings as this contributes towards reducing travel costs and time savings.


In part that printing is inevitable, Prestariang uses papers that are endorsed for its environmental policies and commitment to zero deforestation.


We aim to adopt standards such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) to address key areas of sustainable development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality. We endeavour to continuously improve on our processes and adopt more effective ways to minimise our carbon footprint and help improve our quality of life.

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Based on the guidelines of GHG Protocol, Prestariang produces immaterial amount of CO2 emission for Scope 1, as our product and services are mostly training related and software distribution which widely available via online. Hence, the usage of computers, projectors and training and software related services are already quantified in our electricity / energy use. 

However, Scope 2 of Energy Indirect GHG relates to Prestariang and we widely use electricity as our means of delivering product and services. Based on Year 2014, Prestariang had 14% decrease of CO2 emission per employee compared to 2015. However 2016 made slight 5% increase of CO2 emission per employee in relation to rise to 5% of headcount. This shows that Prestariang activities has already made an impact. Prestariang will continue to reduce carbon emission to an acceptable level based on the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards 2016 (GRI 305).

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