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Maximising Resources and Minimising Excess.

As an organisation which is focused on Technology & Talent, Prestariang believes that efforts to drive sustainability should include those areas impacted by our nature of business. In our view, this extends beyond the physical environment and encompasses the digital as well as learning environments.


Given this broad understanding, our approach to environmental sustainability covers such diverse areas of lifelong learning and IT proliferation, as well as compliance over and above the conventional aspects of health, safety and the natural environment.

Promoting Health, Safety and Environment Awareness

Prestariang is committed to nurturing and sustaining a work culture that prioritises health, safety and consideration to the environment. With this in mind, we have formalised the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy for year 2017.

The policy requires all employees to adhere to all relevant health, safety and environmental laws and regulations. Subsequently, we revised our 2017 Employee Handbook to incorporate these concerns and outlined the obligation of every employee towards safety, security and the environment.

In addition, the Board approved the Procurement Policy that requires our vendors to adopt health, safety and environment-friendly practices, which are consistent with our HSE Policy. These practices in place contribute to the transparency and accuracy of information, which are collated and shared to ensure that we continue to reduce our impact on the environment.


Green by IT and Green of IT

Prestariang’s Green ICT comes with two separate and distinct objectives.

  • Green by IT conserves natural resources by reducing usage of paper and other products.It also enables much more efficient communication and interaction at both the professional and personal levels.

  • Green of IT involves minimising the impact of ICT devices on the environment, which include usage of power and waste management. 

Prestariang is committed to upholding the principles of Green ICT and has always handled ESG matters with a top-down approach. This starts from the Board of Directors, which guides and oversees the Group’s environmental performance to safeguard the interests of all stakeholders concerned.

In addition, the Risk Management Committee is responsible for managing and monitoring the risks involved, which includes climate change initiatives.

Identified departments which include the IT, Facility, Building Management and Administration Departments are responsible to implement and monitor energy efficiency.

At the heart of this practice is our belief that through our responsible actions, we can play our part in reducing our Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions through sustainable management.

Sustaining the Talent Pool through Lifelong Learning

Prestariang plays a critical role in sustaining the capabilities of Malaysia’s talent pool as the nation’s leading provider of education through UNIMY, and via the provision of the Training & Certification business. Through these two talent-focused segments, we have created an ecosystem of lifelong learning by providing easy access and many opportunities to learn and relearn.


As the largest ICT Training and Certification provider in the country, more than 250,000 professionals have undergone our courses. These courses are offered in partnership with leading global software and services companies and academic institutions. We offer over 60 globally recognised certification courses nationwide, which also incorporates Prestariang’s home-grown certifications such as IC CITIZEN, Proficiency in Enterprise Communication (PEC) and SMARTGREEN Fundamentals.


Prestariang continues to stay true to its MLA motto, “Realizing your investment potential through MLA” with the Software Asset Management (SAM) program. The SAM workshops have been conducted throughout MLA 2.0 and shall continue under MLA 3.0 to create awareness on this business practice of software usage and amenability. Additionally, the workshops provide customers the visibility to better plan and forecast their future budgets.


Beyond academics, we also provide training in soft skills as value-added services to the programs offered. Effective verbal and written communications, preparation for job interviews, time management and grooming are some of the elements intended to provide participants with a well-rounded education.

During the year in review, we developed EduCloud, an integrated education platform that will among many other things, create lifelong learning opportunities through the online delivery of education and training. EduCloud is a Single Services-Based Digital Platform to support learning, engagement and innovation in education in Malaysia & ASEAN.

Prestariang is a Technology and Talent Pioneer that has evolved from being Malaysia’s largest ICT software and training service provider to a leading Technology and Talent Services Platform Innovator.


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