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Ensuring Sustainable and Responsive Change

Many organisations out there fell into the trap of thinking that a project is finished once a new technology is deployed, without accounting whether or not the new technology is properly coupled with your existing technology environment and is well adopted.


With us, that is never the case. We understand the significance of having strong sponsorship, solid project management, effective adoption and change management in transforming and driving productivity upwards.


Our experts will ensure your organisation to adopt the technology upgrade and solutions seamlessly via our holistic implementation strategy, active engagements and dynamic approach in delivering an exciting change. We are aware that this is a continuous process.


And we will be there with you and your organisation, all the way.


Infrastructure Optimisation

It is more than a mere cost saving move. Infrastructure optimisation will ensure businesses have adequate options on how to ideally line up the new investments for maximum agility and  quality output. In short, it's all about optimising technology to ensure highest return of investment and value add to businesses.

Server Optimisation

Company server is the beating heart of its network availability and functionality for day-to-day operations. Server Optimisation can help to ensure that the very server and its network to be working at maximum efficiency via consolidation of resources and reduction of excess expenditures.

Adoption and Change Management

You have the latest technology installed. Great. But for some of your employees, they might see an alien technology which may be hard to navigate with, or worse, scare them off. Resistance to new technology is not something new or unexpected. And this is where Change Management can help to ease this tension to ensure a smooth transition (and ultimately, adoption) for all the technologies.

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Meet the Expert

Azrin Akil

Pre-Sales Technical Lead

Azrin Akil has been in the IT industry for over twenty years with experience in Pre-Sales, Cloud Adoption, Customer Success Management, Service Delivery Management, Change Management, Project Management, IT Operations, IT Audit, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. Covering various industries within Asia Pacific region – Public Sector, Oil & Gas, Telecommunication, Financial Institution, Retail, Transport and Manufacturing. He has been successfully involved in implementing numerous customers project and helping customer achieve their objectives and goals.

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