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Driving Digital Economy via Lifelong Learning

Prestariang is a strong advocate of Lifelong Learning in driving the nation's Digital Economy forward. Operating in the heart of Malaysia's digital economy, we are fully aware of the needs to evolve and embrace the inevitable IR 4.0 to keep ourselves and technological advancement abreast.

This is why our Talent Development programmes are specifically designed not only to prime the nation's talents for the current industry demands, but to future-proof them by offering holistic solutions in enhancing their potential and in the same time, inculcating new skills.


We are an approved HRDF Training Provider with over 100 certified trainers from various specialisation and industries. Backed by our strong track record and portfolios, we are ready to cater to every of your training and development needs:


Online Learning


Classroom and Blended 


Learning Hub


Consultancy Services


Technical and Vocational

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Talent Management Solutions





Bridging Talents' Expectations and Employers' Demands

Brilliant talents out there are looking for a place to thrive in, whilst employers are in need of such talents to drive their organisations forward. Whichever group that you may belong to, our Talent Management Solutions will always have something in store for you.

Leveraging on our cutting-edge TalentXchange platform, coupled with our massive data bank, our affinity with local universities, our state-of-the-art profiling system and our track record in both hiring & placement, you can be rest assured that we will meet your expectations and demands - be it for employers or talents alike.


To get started, just tell us what you are looking for:

Our Unique Proposition

Holistic Talent Acquisitions

Prestariang through the platform, TalentXchange, helps employers to optimise their talent acquisition in a holistic manner, be it as a part of your value chain or a short-term fix.  We expanded our talent sourcing via new channels and untapped talent pools such as social media, through new systems and technology such as cognitive analytics. TalentXchange services includes talent procurement, workforce planning functions, talent forecasting, talent pipelining, and strategic talent assessment and development.

TalentXchange approach not only encompass the human capital but the corporate employee development - which makes is TalentXchange talent acquisition services approaching in a holistic manner.

High Retention and Satisfaction

Prestariang’s TalentXchange platform provides placement (be it internship or employment) for the market, and training, be it technical or soft skills to support in the specific area of the talent’s employment and work environment. This allows talent to be employed whilst supporting the talent with identified training to compliment or support gaps needed for his/her job requirement.

Our platform has proven higher employment retention and an increased job satisfaction for the talents to effectively and efficiently achieve the company’s goals. With several different programmes that Prestariang has to offer, any level of talent will benefit our services, be it graduates, professionals and skilled workers.  Our programmes are designed to furnish talent with skills and/or upskill that can increase relevance and value in a rapidly changing industry.


Competency Enhancement Programme (CEP)






Malaysia’s first ICT-focused Digital Technology University

Prestariang ventured into education business and launched University Malaysia of Computer Science and Engineering (UNIMY) in January 2013. UNIMY is an ICT-focused Digital Technology university devoted to providing specialised computer science and engineering education with an emphasis on Big Data, Coding & Cyber Security and committed to produce specially trained and market-ready computing professional and talent.

UNIMY offers tertiary education from foundation to post degree studies with 13 MQA accredited programmes and benchmark on par excellence with its academic collaborator University of Melbourne, School of Engineering.

UNIMY also established strategic partnerships and collaborations with leading global IT players such as IBM, KPMG and Open Learning in student development activities which ranges from curriculum design, teaching & learning (T&L) technology, student projects, internships to career placements.

Strategic partnerships and collaborations

Other Related Services

Prestariang is a Technology and Talent Pioneer that has evolved from being Malaysia’s largest ICT software and training service provider to a leading Technology and Talent Services Platform Innovator.


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