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Document Management Specialist

Job Profile

Position: Document Management Specialist
Company: Prestariang SKIN Sdn Bhd
Department: SKIN
Work Location: Cyberjaya
Employment Type: Contract


Job Description: 

  • Write, review, or execute plans for testing new or established document management systems.

  • Analyse, interpret, or disseminate system performance data

  • Search electronic sources, such as databases or repositories, or manual sources for information.

  • Operate data capture technology to import digitized documents into document management system.

  • Propose recommendations for improving content management system capabilities.

  • Document technical functions and specifications for new or proposed content management systems.

  • Develop, document, or maintain standards, best practices, or system usage procedures.

  • Consult with end users regarding problems in accessing electronic content.

  • Monitor regulatory activity to maintain compliance with records and document management laws.

  • Retrieve electronic assets from repository for distribution to users, collecting and returning to repository, if necessary.

  • Prepare support documentation and training materials for end users of document management systems.

  • Prepare and record changes to official documents and confirm changes with legal and compliance management staff.

  • Exercise security surveillance over document processing, reproduction, distribution, storage, or archiving.

  • Implement scanning or other automated data entry procedures, using imaging devices and document imaging software.

  • Conduct needs assessments to identify document management requirements of departments or end users.

  • Assist in the development of document or content classification taxonomies to facilitate information capture, search, and retrieval.

  • Assist in the assessment, acquisition, or deployment of new electronic document management systems.

  • Assist in determining document management policies to facilitate efficient, legal, and secure access to electronic content.

  • Administer document and system access rights and revision control to ensure security of system and integrity of master documents.

  • Implement electronic document processing, retrieval, and distribution systems in collaboration with other information technology specialists.

  • Identify and classify documents or other electronic content according to characteristics such as security level, function, and metadata.

  • Develop or configure document management system features, such as user interfaces, access profiles, and document workflow procedures.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Studies/Administration/Management, Secretarial or equivalent.

  • 3 - 5 years in DMS functions and other administration operations


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