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Prestariang believes that anyone can be employed if they are motivated, given the right job and with the right support. And the acquisition of the right talent intertwines with a company’ ultimate success, efficiency and effectiveness.


However, navigating into today’s environment with disruptive new technology may pose a difficulty for employers as well as talents to find genuine employment. 


Based on our highly recognised past success on training and certification, combined with our experience in placement, Prestariang is realigning our lifelong learning strategy to 360 Talent Management. 360 Talent Management integrates technology, including analytics, social media and mobile, as well as traditional methods with your talent management strategies to provide you a holistic 360 degree on talent management.


Prestariang is convinced that acquiring talents, placing with the right employment and then training those with the right knowledge and skill give higher chances for employment retention. Prestariang’s 360 Talent Management will benefit talents (graduates, professionals and skilled workers) with lifelong learning opportunities that enables them contribute high quality work / services and develop better non-vocational skills to boost employability.


Prestariang through the programme, TalentXchange, helps employers to optimise their talent acquisition in a holistic manner, be it as a part of your value chain or a short-term fixes.  We expanded our talent sourcing via new channels and untapped talent pools such as social media, through new systems and technology such as cognitive analytics. TalentXchange services includes talent procurement, workforce planning functions, talent forecasting, talent pipelining, and strategic talent assessment and development.

TalentXchange approach not only encompass the human capital but the corporate employee development - which makes is TalentXchange talent acquisition services approaching in 3600 manner.


Through Prestariang programmes: TalentXchange, PSTI and collaboration with PTPTN, we provide placement (be it internship or employment) for the market, and training, be it technical or soft skills to support in the specific area of the talent’s employment and work environment. Prestariang’s Place and Train allows talent to be employed whilst supporting the talent with identified training to compliment or support gaps needed for his/her job requirement.

Prestariang Place and Train has proven higher employment retention and an increased job satisfaction for the talents to effectively and efficiently achieve the company’s goals. With several different programmes that Prestariang has to offer, any level of talent will benefit our services, be it graduates, professionals and skilled workers.  Our programmes are designed to furnish talent with skills and/or upskill that can increase relevance and value in a rapidly changing industry.


Since inception, Prestariang has trained and certified over 250,000 individuals, making us the largest training and certification provider in Malaysia.  Prestariang offers Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Technical and Vocational, and Soft Skills training

Prestariang the ICT training leader.  We offer over 60 globally-recognised certification courses nationwide in partnership with companies which include Microsoft, Autodesk, IBM, Oracle, CompTIA, EC-Council, Certiport, Prometric, PearsonVue, Global Knowledge and more

As a part of long-life learning, Prestariang offers newly refreshed of a long-established programs such as the 3P industry-based certification program with courses in line with Big Data and Cyber Security.  Prestariang has also remodelled IC Citizen programme to include newer examples of modern day social media usage and technologies, as well as aspect of nationalism and loyalty. 


Under Prestariang Skills Training Institute (PSTI), offers Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) aims to upskill and reskill skilled workers.  The current courses offered are of Sijil Kemahiran Malaysiaa accredited by the Department of Skills Development, Ministry of Human Resource (DSD MOHR).



Meet the Expert

Mr. Shieh Wai Piew is Head of Talent Xchange and General Manager of Prestariang O&G Sdn Bhd. Mr. Piew is responsible for growing the TVET Training and Talent Management services segments, as well as developing new business lines in facilities management segment. He has more than 20 years' experiences in Sales & Marketing, Business Development and Operations Management. Mr. Piew has focused over 5 years in executive talent search experience in multiple functions (Marketing, Sales, Finance, Supply Chain, HR, Legal/Regulatory, Operations, etc) in the FMCG, pharmaceutical / healthcare, O&G industries, up to country CEO & regional positions.

Shieh Wai Piew

General Manager



Prestariang is a Technology and Talent Pioneer that has evolved from being Malaysia’s largest ICT software and training service provider to a leading Technology and Talent Services Platform Innovator.


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