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Driving Self-Learing Culture via Intelligent Content

In helping talents and organisations in line with the digital industrialisation, we offer Percipio, an intelligent online learning experience platform that delivers an immersive learning experience. It leverages highly engaging content, curated into nearly 700 learning paths that are continuously updated to ensure continuous access to the latest information.

Percipio has been designed to be an open learning platform that enables organizations to access curated content including proprietary resources and assets from other sources. It has highly flexible deployment options and can operate on its own or be integrated with HRIS and Learning Management Systems (LMS).

As an authorised distributor of Percipio, Prestariang is imparting only the best to drive self-learning culture, exclusive for your organisation.

Access Anywhere

Expanded device support allows employees to access learning content on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Actionable Insights

New reporting tools help organizations understand when employees are accessing learning opportunities.

Easier Access

Learners can now tag Skillsoft topics and content to access their eLearning topics with the touch of a button.

On Device Alert

Employees are instantly notified about fresh and featured topics.

Modern, Simple and Intuitive Design

Learner-Centered Design

Enable learners to discover and consume content and self-direct their learning.

Personalized Experience

Provide learners with a personalized homepage, the ability to create playlists, pick up learning where they left off, and receive assignments.

Micro-Learning and Competency Building

Focus on targeted learning needs with short videos (three to five minutes) and nearly 700 channels help learners build competencies and skills.

Enhanced Content Discovery

Allow learners to find exactly what they need when they need it using Elastisearch.

Self-Selected Playlists

Add any type of content to a playlist to access at another time on your personalized home page.

Our Offerings
Skillsoft Learning Plans (available separately)

Productivity and Collaboration

All the tools and skills needed to boost your efficiency and teamwork.

  • MS Office 365

  • SharePoint

  • G Suite by Google Cloud

  • Google Analytics

  • Slack

  • QuickBooks

  • MacOS





Applications covered


Learn the art of leading and motivating individuals towards one common goal.

  • Building + Leading Teams

  • Cross-Cultural Leadership

  • Judgement + Decisiveness

  • Leading Virtually

  • Live Event Channel

  • Managing Conflict

  • Problem-Solving + Decision Making

  • The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

  • The Agile Leader

  • The Digital Leader

  • Thinking Critically





Books, Audiobooks, Book Summaries, MIT Sloan Management Review Articles


Acquire the essential knowledge and more to drive your business forward.

  • Management Decision-Making

  • Managing Diversity

  • Best Practices in Project Management

  • Budgeting

  • Communication Essentials

  • Customer Relationships

  • Six Sigma






Digital Transformation

Understand the fast-paced, ever-changing digital technology and leverage from it.

  • Agile Methodologies

  • Big Data

  • Cross-Functional Collaboration

  • Data Visualization

  • Designing Digital Experiences

  • Digital Automation

  • Digital Transformation Strategy

  • Disruptive Technologies

  • Infrastructure + Architecture

  • Virtual Collaboration



Books, Audiobooks, and
Book Summaries

Technology & Developer

All the top requirements for software developers for you to master.


  • Amazon Web Services Architect

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Cloud Services and Security

  • Docker

  • G Suite Administrator

  • Kubernetes

  • Linux Administration

  • MSCA

  • Object Oriented Design

  • Languages (Python, Ruby, etc)

  • Red Hat Certified Administrator




Books, audiobooks/summaries

Skillsoft Aspire™ Learning Journey

Practice Labs + Boot Camps

Certification Prep  + Mentoring


Align your organisation to comply with the existing legal laws and regulations.

  • Global Code of Conduct Solutions

  • Global Legal Compliance

    • New Zealand

    • Australia

  • Environment Safety & Health

  • Customisable


Risk Areas

Video courses

Supplemental Impacts

Skill Briefs

Job Aids

Certitude questionnaires

Personalised Learning

Personalised Recommendations


Discover content that is best suited to address a learner’s specific areas of interest based on a quick two-step on boarding assessment.

Curated Channels


Utilize engaging content that automatically updated and is mapped to align to competencies and skills valued by leading organizations.

Expertly Curated Content


Watch, read, and listen to content that is curated across nearly 700 channels and automatically updated by Skillsoft’s expert curators.


Skillsoft Authorised Partner

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Meet the Expert

Vithia Paltore

Senior Manager, Learning and Talent Services

Vithia is an experienced certified HRDF Trainer, and a certified vip24 counselor with a demonstrated history of working in the education management and training industry. Highly skilled in training, counselling and marketing, she has a deep understanding of organisational needs and market dynamics. When it comes to online learning, Vithia is a virtuoso at your disposal in providing the best-fit solutions for your business and organisational development needs.

Other Offerings

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