IC CITIZEN Certification is the first of its kind in the world that is specially developed and designed to produce digitally literate and responsible citizens. This unique yet universal certification program aims to impart Acceptable Usage Policy(AUP) that lays down rules of acceptable `netiquette` or behaviour that must be applied when operating digital devices and accesing the Internet within a society.

IC CITIZEN continues to be the main product for international market penetration. Successfully making inroads into European and Middle East markets, IC CITIZEN is currently marketed to 152 countries through our partner, Certiport.

The certification is now available in e-learning to provide an innovative and convenient option for organisations and businesses across a whole range of sectors.



The IC Citizen Certification program certifies knowledge and understanding of the following values:
  • e-Access
  • e-Interaction & Collaboration
  • e-Literate
  • e-Enterprise
  • e-Rule
  • e-Care
  • e-Safety
  • e-Accountability



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1CITIZEN Success Story
Achieving Highest Score in IC CITIZEN Certification Exam: UniMAP Unveiled Success Strategies 10.2 K 2.41 MB Download
UMP Exceeds Target of Students' Participation in 1CITIZEN Program 8.6 K 2.39 MB Download
IC CITIZEN Information Kit
Info Kit - English 3.7 K 4.61 MB Download
Info Kit - Arabic 3.4 K 7.41 MB Download
IC CITIZEN Factsheet
IC CITIZEN Factsheet 6.3 K 3.81 MB Download
UPM Utilizes IC CITIZEN 5.7 K 576.64 KB Download




All modules are equally valuable as they cover everything - from appreciation to security. This programme will enable students to appreciate ICT as well as to use it safely, ethically and confidence.

Hajah Rusidah Binti Haji Hidup
( AITI, Brunei )
ToT at Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry, Brunei
18 - 21 Jul 2011


I think this programme should be introduced to students in the first year of secondary school because this is the time where many of them have their own laptop. At this stage, it is crucial to emphasize the danger of using internet inappropriately.

Mohamad Zuno Kartono Haji Ali
( Sekolah Rendah Rimba, Gadong, Brunei )
ToT at Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry, Brunei
18 - 21 Jul 2011


Frequently Asked Questions


What is IC CITIZEN Certification?

IC CITIZEN Certification is designed and developed by Prestariang Systems Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian-based certification solutions company in collaboration with Certiport.

What does IC CITIZEN mean?

IC CITIZEN subscribes to the idea of Netizen, a concept coined by **Michael Hauben(1992) to describe an Internet user who possesses a sense of civic responsibility for her or his virtual community in much the same way citizens who feel responsible for a physical community. Netizens have a responsibility to ensure that social customs are adhere to.

Netizenship defines a social membership and is used to describe people who care about the use of the Internet and work towards building the cooperative and collective nature which benefits the larger world.

What is the main objective of IC CITIZEN Certification?

What is the main outcome of IC CITIZEN Certification?

To produce skilled and knowledgeable Netizens on the Information Superhighway.

Who should take IC CITIZEN exam?

How long does it take to complete IC CITIZEN exam?

The IC CITIZEN exam has to a 60-minute time limit and consists of 45 multiple-choice questions.

Where can I take IC CITIZEN exam?

You can take the IC CITIZEN Exam at any Certiport Authorized Testing Center