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Trail blazing to the digital beyond

Prestariang has stayed true to our commitment by strengthening our capabilities to push the barriers of the technological frontier. We have evolved from being Malaysia's largest ICT software and training service provider to a leading Technology & Talent Platform innovator. We believe that this significant diversity to our business strategies will solidify into a cohesive, integrated approach to better align the service delivery and support in order to meet expectations and needs of stakeholders.

Prestariang Business Model Eco-system

Prestariang interlock and interlace our traditional and current business landscape, such as Software, Training and Education services with the new digital transformational businesses such as SKIN and EduCloud that spans its deliverables and services across Technology and Talent platforms.

Through this holistic optimisation and innovation, Prestariang builds and delivers its new business capabilities through five (5) core competencies: Analytics & Business Intelligence, Cyber and Information Security, Cloud Services, Change Management; and e-Commerce.

Prestariang strategy to transform the business to the digital beyond aims to create the competencies and capabilities that fully leverages the possibilities and opportunities of new future technologies in a faster, more innovative, more adaptable and sustainable – in which provides value to the lives of people who subscribes and benefit it.

Core Competencies

Prestariang business model eco-system delivers its innovation through five (5) core competencies.

Analytics & Business Intelligence
Allows organisation and product owners to identify trends with real time data on digital, social media and conventional platforms and help to understand the information for a more informed and sustainable business decisions.

Cyber Security and Information Security
This is not just about recognising and minimising risk and threats, nor just about faster recovery when breached. This is about building stakeholder confidence on information security as well as boosting credentials, branding, overall customer experience on company's business agility and stability.

Cloud Services
Providing high efficiency, agility and scalable time-to-market deployment. At the same time enables new business model that generate new value propositions and resulting in new revenue streams for your business with better utilisation of resource.

Change Management
Change management is no longer seen as a periodic project. As new technology emerges, change is a continuous and constant process. Organisations must foster change-ready employees and the Change Leaders are critical to the business growth and it agility to adapt and being relevant to the market.

Social media and new technology platforms has disrupt traditional physical platforms as well as former e-commerce platforms of transacting business. It is now about convenience, availability and delivering the best customer overall experience to the brand and business, at all times anywhere and everywhere of anything.

The service and solutions provided with these competencies can be applied throughout any industry and at any business size.


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