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Working with global partners, Prestariang provides software licence distribution and management synergistically with our ICT Training & Certification business activity. The Group has won various awards and achievements from Microsoft, EC Council, CompTIA, Autodesk and many more highly recognised partners.

Within our software licence distribution and management operations, we carry out the following activities:-

  • manage software licences and related contracts;
  • identify installed software products;
  • capture proof of purchase and agreement terms and conditions;
  • import licence record and data from multiple sources to match installed software products with existing software licences;
  • organise the licences with tracking system to get reminders of upcoming renewals and upgrade of dependent licences;
  • provide easy access to users regardless of their physical locations;
  • consolidate software inventory across entities and departments;
  • map dependencies and define relationships as necessary to support complex licensing requirements;
  • facilitate development of database of up-to-date software inventory and licence compliance information to ensure that licences owned are aligned with software used and to validate their compliance; and
  • produce software licence compliance report and status.

The software and services segment offers software licence management services to streamline the process of software inventory, upgrade and licence management to increase efficiency and improve the ability to promote IT governance through software IP compliance.

The type of software licences that we distribute and managed are primarily proprietary software licences, which we distribute through a volume licensing method.

A software licence is a legal contract between the user and owner of the software to use the software subject to terms and conditions set out by the owner. Types of software licences that we distribute and manage include application, operating systems, communications and systems and development tools and utilities.

Proprietary software (sometimes referred to as retail software or shrink-wrapped software, especially when they are sold through retail outlets), are mainly sold to end-consumers based on restricted licensed to use agreement. Commonly, such software does not require professionals to configure and install them. Many of this type of software are used by consumers as well as business users on their personal computers and other devices on a stand-alone basis. Some of this type of software include Microsoft Windows and AutoCAD.

Although most proprietary software can be installed by the users and used on a stand alone basis, there are situations, particularly in a commercial environment or within large organisations where professionals are required to install and configure the software in a network environment to set various parameters in terms of granting access, priorities and allocating user status, etc.

Proprietary software covers various types of software, including applications, systems, communications, and systems and development tools and utilities.

Essentially, we distribute and manage the following software licenses:-

Microsoft CASA is a licence distribution and management programme designed to cater to the needs of public primary and secondary schools, and higher education institutions. We are currently focusing on licence distribution and management to higher education institutions.

This part of the programme mainly covers software licence management such as managing and organising software licences, as well as providing cost effective software acquisition on an annual or as needs basis. This enables licensed users to run the most current version of the software products.

Microsoft MLA is a Microsoft Master Licensing Agreement in respect of a customised licensing programme for Malaysian Government entities to acquire Microsoft solutions. Endorsed by the Malaysian Government under the Pekeliling Kontrak Perbendaharaan, Bil 3 2008 (PKP 3/2008), It was initiated to help the Government improve licence management, streamline administration and budget for software procurement.

Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) is a simplified agreement that provides more flexibility and streamlined self-service tools. The MPSA consolidates purchasing of Microsoft cloud services, software, and Microsoft Software Assurance. A new Purchasing Account structure gives you more flexible purchasing options and more control of how you purchase, and you get multi-year duration options with price protection. New self-service tools combine your purchases into a single view, making it easier for you to manage your assets. Suited for organizations with 250 or more users, the MPSA was created to make it easy to license just what you need, for anyone who needs it, for as long as you want. With the MPSA, buying and managing your solutions has never been easier.

Autodesk Education Suite Licensing offer a broad range of two (2) and three (3)-dimension design and engineering software products that provide educators with access to professional tools to help encourage students pursue multidisciplinary learning. The Suite are sold in value-priced packages that include multiple seats of each suite aligned with any size education institution from a single small classroom to the largest institution.

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