We are committed to business excellence where we implement transparent, effective, ethical and sustainable best practices that benchmarked against international best practices across the business operations.

Benchmarked Best Practices

Prestariang is committed to the highest standards of ethical business practices. We adhere and comply with the relevant legislations, regulations and codes of practice. Our culture of integrity strengthens our position as a trusted partner, employer of choice and preferred company for investors.

As a company with global partners, we benchmark against our business partners' best practices which is adopted across our entire business operations. We conform to ethical standards by conducting all activities at the highest level of integrity and compliance while ensuring business continuity. This collaboration has paved its foundation for successful business undertakings through responsible and lawful conduct.

Quality Management System

Prestariang Systems Sdn Bhd (Microsoft Business Solution (MLA2.0) was awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification by SIRIM QAS International Sdn Bhd on 26.8.2016.

The scope of the certification is provision of distribution and management of Microsoft MLA (Master Licensing Agreement) Enterprise Agreement (EA) software licenses direct business transaction to government and government agencies.

We have established a quality control system to ensure that high quality service and timely deliverance are provided to our customers.

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Process Excellence

At Prestariang, sustainable governance processes are integral to sustainable operations. We adopt best practices and common standards that integrate sustainable practices throughout our business chains to advance transparency within the Group and strengthen ethical processes in order to ensure business continuity.

In order to further uphold integrity, the Company strictly enforces various ethical guidelines as contained in the Company's Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct includes guidelines on giving and receiving gifts and business amenities, use and dissemination of proprietary and confidential information, and avenues to voice concerns.

The Code of Conduct contains the Whistle Blowing Policy, which is designed to enable concerns to be raised internally and at a high level, and to disclose information which the individual believes shows malpractice or impropriety. The Code of Conduct, Whistle Blowing Policy and Personal Data Protection policy are available on Prestariang's website.

Prestariang continues to be classified as a Shariah-Compliant Securities which is listed on Bursa Malaysia.

To maintain total independence in the management of the risk and internal control environment, the Company engaged KPMG Management & Risk Consulting Sdn. Bhd. (KPMG MRC) to manage the Company's internal audit function on an outsourced basis. KPMG MRC reports independently and directly to the Audit Committee in respect of the internal audit function.

Corporate Governance Statement

The Board of Directors of Prestariang Berhad ("the Company") recognises the importance of maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance and best practices in the business and affairs of the Company and the Group.

The Board, Management and employees of the Group affirm their commitment in ensuring that the Group is at the fore front of good governance and in adherence to the Principles and Recommendations encompass in the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance 2012 (“the Code”). The Code serves as a fundamental guide to the Board in discharging its principal duty to act in the best interest of the Company and the Group, and managing the business and affairs of both the Company and the Group efficiently and effectively while safeguarding and enhancing shareholders' value.

The Board views the corporate governance as synonymous with the four (4) prerequisites of a responsible corporate citizen, namely transparency, accountability, integrity and corporate performance. In recognition of the Company and Group's efforts, the Company continues to be listed in FTSE4Good Bursa Malaysia Index which is the Environmental & Social Governance Index (ESG) introduced by Bursa Malaysia to measure listed companies' responsibility in environmental, social and corporate governance. It is a collaboration with Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) as part of the globally benchmarked FTSE4Good Index Series and is aligned with other leading global Environmental, Social & Governance frameworks such as the Global Reporting Initiative and the Carbon Disclosure Project.

The Board is pleased to share the following statement which indicates the Principles and Recommendations of the Code, in all material respect, have been adhered to and complied by the Company during the financial year ended 31 December 2015.

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Board Charter

The Board Charter ("Charter") has been developed to highlight Prestariang Berhad's ("Company") Board of Directors' ("Board") commitment to corporate governance. The Charter governs how the Company and its subsidiaries (collectively "Group") conduct its affairs.

The Charter adopts the current 'best-practices', applicable rules and regulations, processes and procedures to guide the Board in the discharge of its duties and functions. This Charter will serve as a reference and benchmark to facilitate regular assessment of the Board's performance.

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Code of Conduct / Whistle Blowing Policy

This Code of Conduct ("the Code") contains policies and guidelines relating to the standards and ethics that all employees are expected to observe and obey in the course of their employment in the Company. The Code is intended to maintain discipline and order in the work place. It also sets out the circumstances in which such employees would be deemed to have breached the Code and the actions that can be taken against them if they do so.

By its nature as a general company policy Prestariang reserves the right to amend or delete any policy wholly or partly as and when deemed necessary.

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