Keeping an open line of communication is essential in corporate progression, and direct engagement allows for many concerns and questions to be addressed in a new way.

As the marketplace is the domain of both investors as well as consumers, regular interaction is essential to sustain top-of-mind awareness among our shareholders, customers and other stakeholders. Effective engagement is also necessary to align the Group’s aspirations with the expectations of our stakeholders.


We seek to constantly improve ourselves to provide the best possible solutions to our clients and their eco-system.


Our commitment for good investor relations is to consistently build and gain trust among investors with clear communication and direction in order to generate value at both ends of the spectrum.

Engaging Stakeholders
Stakeholder engagement helps to build confidence and trust in our business planning and performance, which improves our alignment with stakeholders’ expectations.

Building trust and sustaining relationships with our stakeholders are vital for our ongoing business sustainability. We recognise that stakeholder engagement is an ever-evolving process. Therefore, the implementation of structured engagement activities and programs are key to fully understand their needs and reflect our commitment to respond effectively.

Prestariang is particularly active in our engagement with segments of the marketplace given the transformational developments to the scale and scope of our business activities.

Such interactions and activities included briefings, meetings, public and media events, workshops as well as surveys to gauge investor and consumer sentiments towards Prestariang, its projects, products and services.

Engaging the Marketplace
The Board of Directors of Prestariang Berhad (the Board) is committed to ensure all information on financial results, operational performance, business strategies and other corporate matters, which are disseminated are always accurate and timely, and where necessary, filed with regulators in accordance with the relevant legal and regulatory requirements.

Our Investor Relations Policy includes guidelines on stakeholder engagement which indicate the authorised channels and personnel for the release of information to internal and external stakeholders. The policy also dictates the review and release of information to regulatory authorities to facilitate full disclosure of the Company’s affairs.

Our engagement in the marketplace has yielded the following benefits:

  • Recognition among shareholders;
  • Securing new investors; and
  • Developing our business infrastructure.

At Prestariang, we have a dedicated investor relations team to engage with stakeholders who are responsible for organising regular meetings, conference calls and site visits to keep the investment community updated on our strategic developments, financial performance as well as on Environment Social & Governance (ESG) matters. In addition, we also hold investment road shows and conferences to tap prospective investors.

All information, reports, policies and updates are published on our website at Stakeholders can also submit enquiries via email at

Other Commitments



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